We are the friendly a low-cost company when it comes to Domestic Storage solutions, offering a wealth of experience with clean/dry units. If you are a home owner or a tenant, then self-storage could be an ideal solution for you if you are struggling for space or need get rid of some possessions that you might need at a later date.


    Offering mainly shipping container type storage there is the benefit of being able to drive right up to the open double doors and unloading/loading in one go. There is no double-handling that you might experience at a town centre facility that uses trolleys and lifts. We have lots of car and van turning space so it is super easy.


    We offer dry shipping container units at competitive prices, with our domestic customers using our units for a variety of reasons.


    Just like many businesses, house owners often struggle to find enough space to store all of their possessions. They need to find a suitable location to store things that, although they might not need right now, do not necessarily want to dispose of or sell.


    Some customers go travelling and put the contents of their house into storage while they are away, which when you are left with a choice of throwing everything away or trying to find friends and family to look after your belongings, you can quickly see why renting a storage unit for a few months or longer could be a much better option for everyone concerned.

    If you are struggling to find enough room to store some of your belongings, then worry no longer because Somerford Self Storage have great options for you.


    From a small space right the way through to a room the size of a large double garage, we have options for self storage units. Self-storage is a very affordable solution to the very common problem of not enough space.


    We are not part of a chain and we are a family run and independent self-storage company, specialising in providing cost effective and affordable storage units for residential and domestic customers, looking for storage solutions. There are no extra costs that you might find at a larger town centre facility. You do not need to take out expensive insurance with us. Your own insurance can cover the items inside.


    So, just send us a message or call us and come and see what we have to offer at Somerford Storage.

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