Low cost storage units in a secure location near Chippenham


    Units are used for:​

    • Self-storage for household items
    • Archive storage
    • Furniture storage
    • Business storage for things like equipment
    • Household storage - furniture or boxes of items
    • Temporary storage - moving house or downsizing
    • Permanent storage


    We are located in Great Somerford, Wiltshire

    • 10 minutes from Malmesbury
    • 15 minutes from Chippenham
    • 25 minutes from Swindon
    • 40 minutes from Bath
    • 45 minutes from Bristol
    • Just 5 minutes from Junction 17 of the M4
    • We are between Chippenham and Malmesbury.  Also being close to Junction 17 of the M4 means that we are 25 minutes from Swindon West and it does not take long to get to Bristol  


    The site is off the road on a farm

    We are in a hidden away postion on the edge of Great Somerford but close enough to Chippenham and Malmesbury. It is in a farm yard with hardstanding and two barns which are being used to house shipping containers. The farm yard is overlooked which provides extra security.


    Competitive self-storage pricing

    Our self-storage and business storage units offer a low cost alternative to the corporate self-storage businesses.


    At Somerford Storage we can provide flexibility for your storage needs.

    It maybe that you have seasonal stock that needs to be kept somewhere or you have simply over stocked.


    Somerford Storage offer excellent storage facilities for business, offering small, medium and large businesses and corporations the perfect place to store any documents, materials or equipment that they just do not have the room for.


    With space often quite limited for many businesses, our self-storage facilities make the perfect cost-effective solution to the lack of space many companies face.


    If you find yourself with a business that is expanding rapidly and yet you do not have the space to cope with this expansion, then self-storage is a solution that will not only let your business continue growing but also do so without the cost of another high cost premises.


    From time to time you might need to upgrade your office, factory or work-place and need a short term solution to store all of your furniture, equipment and machines. For a business, you are looking for somewhere that is secure, safe and you can trust and Somerford Storage offer all of those things with a friendly service.


    Our business storage facilities are ideal for all types of businesses and we can cater for a wide range of needs. Premises expansion can often be unaffordable to most growing businesses, with the costs of moving to a new location or expanding a current one often high, which is where hiring self-storage units and using them as an extension of your business makes perfect sense.


    Free up some space

    We are the friendly a low-cost company when it comes to Domestic Storage solutions, offering a wealth of experience with clean/dry units. If you are a home owner or a tenant, then self-storage could be an ideal solution for you if you are struggling for space or need get rid of some possessions that you might need at a later date.


    Offering mainly shipping container type storage there is the benefit of being able to drive right up to the open double doors and unloading/loading in one go. There is no double-handling that you might experience at a town centre facility that uses trolleys and lifts. We have lots of car and van turning space so it is super easy.


    We offer dry shipping container units at competitive prices, with our domestic customers using our units for a variety of reasons.


    Just like many businesses, house owners often struggle to find enough space to store all of their possessions. They need to find a suitable location to store things that, although they might not need right now, do not necessarily want to dispose of or sell.


    Some customers go travelling and put the contents of their house into storage while they are away, which when you are left with a choice of throwing everything away or trying to find friends and family to look after your belongings, you can quickly see why renting a storage unit for a few months or longer could be a much better option for everyone concerned.

    If you are struggling to find enough room to store some of your belongings, then worry no longer because Somerford Self Storage have great options for you.


    From a small space right the way through to a room the size of a large double garage, we have options for self storage units. Self-storage is a very affordable solution to the very common problem of not enough space.


    We are not part of a chain and we are a family run and independent self-storage company, specialising in providing cost effective and affordable storage units for residential and domestic customers, looking for storage solutions. There are no extra costs that you might find at a larger town centre facility. You do not need to take out expensive insurance with us. Your own insurance can cover the items inside.


    So, just send us a message or call us and come and see what we have to offer at Somerford Storage.



    We offer a friendly and personal service

    Offsite storage of old documents, files and anything else that needs to be kept for a certain amount of time for company regulations is becoming more and more of an issue for businesses and small companies around the country, mainly because office space is limited and the cost of renting extra space can too expensive.


    With many business records and personal records needing to be kept for a long period of time, businesses are left with the option of scanning everything and put it onto a disk or storing the original files away until you either need them again or they can be destroyed.


    With the transition from paper-based documents to computer and disk based files still in progress for many companies, having somewhere to store and archive all the old files and documents is always an issue.


    Somerford Storage offer a completely safe and secure environment for your old files, papers and other types of documents that need to be archived. As we are so competitively priced, we provide a cost-effective, simple alternative to renting expensive extra office space.


    Bikes, motorbikes, surf boards, camping kit, festive decorations


    Whether you have seasonal stock, hobby equipment that’s used only part of the year or festive decorations. Storing these items will free up valuable space at home. With three sizes and fourteen depots to choose from, we're sure we have the solution for you.


    Storing the classic and loved car

    Somerford Storage units are ideal places to store vehicles that are taking up too much space on your drive or a renovation project you’re stopping for a while and need a secure place to store your vehicle. We have fourteen depots to choose from.


    Which size do you need?

    10’ container storage unit

    Size – 6.84 m2

    Internal length – 2.92m

    Internal width – 2.34m

    Internal height – 2.15m

    Long enough for a sofa, tall enough for a wardrobe, wide enough for a double bed. Easily accommodate the contents of a one bedroom flat/house.


    20’ container storage unit

    Size – 14 m2

    Internal length – 5.97n

    Internal width – 2.34m

    Internal height – 2.15m

    Long enough for ladders and trailers. Tall enough for small vans and all household furniture. Wide enough for cars. Large enough for the contents of a three bedroom house.


    Barn storage unit

    Size – 13 m2

    Internal length – 4.57m

    Internal width – 2.83m

    Internal height – 3.10m

    Long enough for ladders and tall enough for all household furniture. Large enough for the contents of a three bedroom house.


    We have 20' shipping containers and 10' shipping containers for hire.

    We also have barn storage.

    The units provide dry, individual and secure storage.

    There is a large yard so you can load and unload at your leisure.

    You can park directly outside your unit.


    20' Container

    Wide enough for cars. Large enough for the contents of a three bedroom house

    Half size

    10' Container

    Easily accommodate the contents of a one bedroom flat/house.


    Great Somerford SN15 5EH
    07970 264788